Guitar Learning Trainer For Beginners


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          Unlock Your Guitar's Full Potential! 🎸✨ Learn 21 Chords in Minutes with Our Easy-to-Use Aid. Improve Your Playing, Train Finger Strength & Develop Correct Hand Shape.

          The guitar aid can improve the efficiency of chord conversion, make playing more smoothly, train your fingertips to exert strength vertically and cultivate the correct hand shape.

          Introduce the concepts of "universal chords" and "series", so that novices can play songs quickly and smoothly while learning by themselves.

          The guitar aid is made of durable ABS materail, smooth to touch. And theback clamp prevents the tool from slipping off the guitar.

          30 kinds of chord pressing methods are converted into memory of six colors.

          The guitar aid can play common extended chords, 7 chords, 9 chords, and stay chords.

          Material: ABS+PC
          Size: 8*5*4cm